What’s been going on?

Since I haven’t been able to post lately, I’m sure somebody  has been wondering why. I have been super busy, working at a pumpkin patch, school, and family situations. Family situations have been a big part of it. It has been a big challenge on my relationship with God. If you know me well enough, you know that I can’t stand for things to change. A couple years ago I had an “amazing” “perfect” life. It was because I loved God, I knew him, and so did everybody in my life. Then one day at church I decided that I wanted more for my relationship with God. I wanted him to be more in my life. So I told him that EVERYTHING i had and EVERYTHING I was I gave to him. (Side note: God takes us seriously.) SO of course soon after I said that I started experiencing ALOT of CHANGE. My Uncle got diagnosed with cancer, which caused my parents to drive him to treatments and stuff. So I didn’t get to go to church much cause Wednesdays were treatment days. Theatre was not an option, because of the treatment days as well. So if you know me you know that taking church and theatre away from me, is basically taking my social life and limiting it to the internet. SO that’s alot of change already right? (Keep in mind my major dislike of change.) Well then my Uncle got paralyzed from the chest down due to a mass on his spine. So he came to live with us. (Don’t take this wrong I’m glad he came it was just another big change.) Him staying with us consisted of me giving up my bedroom and staying in the family room. Not just my bedroom, but my privacy. So all of that lasted a while. Then my Uncle past away. More change, and more to come. In between My uncles stay at our house, I went through some friendship “adjustments”  One of my best friends who I had a crush on since I was like 11 entered a relationship and it ended rough. It also took it’s toll on our relationship, sometimes it felt like we were getting closer,then it felt like it wasn’t. We are still close but we don’t talk as much due to alot more than just his relationship that ended. So all  of that happened, and on top of it my parents were having some disagreements and they were trying to solve some issues. We were told that after my uncle past away, mom was going to spend her nights at the farm, just to get some space and to do some healing. When my Uncle did pass away Mom decided to just move down to the spare bedroom for a while. There was alot going on between my parents. After a while of us hearing them argue and trying to work things out. After searching the Bible for answers, my mom had so much hurt that she felt like she needed a divorce from my dad. Like I said there was alot going on and so don’t pass judgment on either of them because they both had faults.  Also among the last year or so God brought my Aunt, Uncle and cousin to Alabama and they were a really big help among all of it, and one by one they are moving to Texas, my cousin moved there in July or August, my Aunt just moved there ahead of my Uncle and he’s working on moving down there too. SO if you can’t tell,  God really did take me seriously when I said “EVERYTHING I have I give to you.” He definitely took me up on my offer. But notice, he didn’t literally take it away, I still have church, theatre, my uncle, my friends, and my family. It all just CHANGED. But the only thing that stayed the same, the only thing he didnt take away, or change in my life, was himself. Through all of that and even now, God is present and he hasn’t changed. I said it in my last post, and I’m gonna say it again. “God may change things but things don’t change God.” I love you guys, don’t give up on the things God is doing in your life. :)

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  1. ((((((HUGS))))))

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